The Answer to How to Organize the Busy Family? COZI!

20 Oct

Cozi’s motto, “Family Life, Simplified” exemplifies what so many busy families are looking for nowadays.  Cozi takes the home refrigerator (where families have historically placed all of their schedules, pictures, lists, etc) and organizes it into a well-oiled internet machine.

Here are a few recent article snippets about Cozi:

The Wall Street Journal
Cozi just works. It looks clean, organized and uncluttered, regardless of hectic schedules.
USA Today
Cozi has created family-friendly scheduling software that will steer your family in the right direction.
Daily Candy
Before you dial the family shrink, log onto Cozi. A totally free tool for busier-than-busy parents…a mini command central for the family.

Wish you had some help organizing your family life?  Cozi is a FREE web service that helps you manage your family calendar, track your shopping and to-do lists, organize your chores, and stay in touch with your family.  Access Cozi from anywhere—home, work, or on the go—with any computer or mobile phone.  All you need to get started is a Cozi account—it’s quick and easy, with no downloads required!

The shared family calendar is terrific!  It is color coded by family member and allows your to easily add events and appointments and post notes too.  You can synch it with Microsoft Outlook.

The list feature is a lifewaver!  No more little sticky notes or forgetting items!  Forget your list?  Get this…Cozi will TEXT it to you or READ it to you over the phone!

With reminders and messages, schedule changes and the like are easily handled.  You can send out a quick reminder to everyone from your Cozi family page or communicate schedule updates.

If you’re like me, finding time to create a scapbook or organize vacation pictures is next to impossible.  Cozi has the answer with their family journal!  It’s an easy way to save those special moments and your family vacation memories.  Just jott down a moment or memory, upload a picture and you’re done!


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