Virginia Beach School of the Arts

28 Oct

As I attempt to keep this blog non-regionally specific, I feel that my self-imposed rule needs to be broken here.

The Virginia Beach School of the Arts was founded by Steve and Virginia Largent and is privately owned and operated.

What do they offer?

Music, Mommy and Me (ages 2 and under) – singing, dancing and FUN!  They do educational games and activities to teach listening skills, following directions, matching, taking turns, colors, shapes, instruments and more!  Since the average 9 month old already understands over 250 words, vocabulary is also a big part of class.

Preschool for the Arts (ages 2 1/2 – 5) – students attend once or twice a week for 3 hours.  In one hour classes of music, art and dance, the children learn academics through the arts.  Degreed teachers instruct classes of 8 students.

Acadamiacs (ages 5 – 11) – students learn to “Sing the Standards of Learning”!  From mathematics to science, biology to history, chemistry to language arts, there is a song (or songs) for practically every topic covered in public and private schools.  Because everyone loves music, this class is perfect for all ages, all levels of intelligence, boys and girls from gifted to special needs.

Music Readiness (ages 3 – 4) and Advanced Music Readiness (ages 4 1/2 – 6 1/2) – teaches children basic music theory, the white keys on the piano, all their notes and rhythms, composers and songs from Acadamiacs.  In the Advanced class, children learn everything in music needed for playing an instrument without the practicing involved.

And….Art classes, keyboard classes, summer camps, private lessons, jewelry making and even more!  For a schedule of classes, contact the school at 757-431-1382.  They are located on Brickhouse Court off Kings Grant Road in Virginia Beach.  Below is a coupon for a FREE class to try them out!

Tina’s take:

My son (5 years old) has been attending classes at VBSA for about 1 1/2 years.  Miss Virginia has an incredible gift in connecting with the students and they don’t even realize they’re learning!  It’s amazing to hear 3 year olds singing the Presidents in order and their states/capitals.  Last night, my son was learning how to build an atom from the periodic table (all to a song!).  The Largent’s are completely understanding of the schedule of a working parent!  There are no additional fees for registration nor are there any contracts to sign.  If you have to miss a class, just call the school and ask when you can come in for a make-up.  Easy as that!  The tuition is VERY reasonable, depending on the class, approximately $45 – $60/month.


One Response to “Virginia Beach School of the Arts”

  1. Navasha February 10, 2010 at 7:29 am #

    My daughter has been going to the VBSA since she was an infant. We attended Music Mommy and Me classes until she turned 3 then she started art classes in the summer and finally Preschool there. She loves it and so do we!! The teachers are trustworthy and caring. It’s amazing the things she shows us when she comes home.

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