Help Rebuild a Little League Baseball Field!

16 Feb


Please support this field so it has the chance to be rebuilt by Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes® cereal. They’re on a mission to rebuild run-down fields across America, because kids need places where they can work hard, play hard and be their very best. Let’s help this field be one of them.

The baseball fields at Azalea Garden in Norfolk, Virginia have hosted many Challenger League events along with t-ball, softball and baseball.  These are the most heavily used fields in Hampton Roads. (Hampton Roads includes:  Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News, Poquoson and Portsmouth.  Azalea Garden fields are the only baseball fields in the area to host Challenger Tournaments as well as the Challenger Worldwide Jamboree.  Challenger Leagues are for disabled children 5 -19 years of age.  It is important to keep these fields in great condition not only for special needs children but for all children.  Without programs such as Challenger League, these children would not be able to experience the sport of baseball and interact at such a level with others.
This field is important to the community because ti gives children, including those with disabilities a chance to enjoy the sport of baseball, learn teamwork, enjoy the outdoors and sunshine, and exercise.  There are too many kids today who stay inside playing on computers or video games.  They do not have the opportunity to learn what team sports have to give, which is sportsmanship, confidence, teamwork, exercise, and friendship.
This field is in poor condition and the fields are in need of expansion due to more and more teams needing space to play.  Improvements needed include not only the fields, but also the dugouts, bleachers and other items which also need to be handicap accessible.  The little league has been trying to keep registration dues to a minimum to allow more children the ability to play.  Due to the current economy, donations have dropped significantly and this league has always relied on financial support from the community.
This field’s restoration will help the community because it will provide a safer and cleaner environment for the children to play and enjoy while also adaptng to their special needs.

Please vote for the Azalea Garden Fields by clicking here.


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