There’s No Place Like The Home Place!

4 May

The Home Place in CatawbaWhat do you think of when you think of southern cooking the way “grandma” makes it?  Meals that take all day to prepare?  Vegetables that are fresh from the garden?  Breads that are made from scratch?  Meats that are purchased from the farmer down the road?

You will find all of that…..and more at The Home Place in Catawba, Virginia.

The Home Place sits on the top of a hill in a renovated colonial farmhouse.  Flanked by big trees and a huge front lawn perfect for playing – it is reminiscent of the quintessential “Grandma’s house”.  Be prepared to spend some time out front too….reservations are not accepted and it’s not unusual for the wait to be over an hour for a table.

But, you don’t go to Grandma’s to eat and run and you don’t do it here either.

Dinner is a family event at The Home Place.  It’s not unusual to hear a call for “Brown – party of 25!” while waiting for your table.  Families bring frisbees and footballs to play on the lawn until “called” to come in for supper.  While the young kids play, the adults visit on the benches or in the gazebos out front.

When you finally sit down for dinner, you’re hungry and ready!

Prices current as of May 3, 2009

Prices current as of May 3, 2009

The menu here is simple…2 or 3 meats?  Choose from country ham, roast beef or fried chicken.  Then the vegetables:  corn, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, pinto beans…..yum!  And then the biscuits…..the best biscuits in the word with homemade apple butter.  Best of all, you get refills of whatever you like.

For dessert, homemade fruit cobbler with or without ice cream.

The Home Place is open Thursday through Sunday.  Located about 7 miles from I-81 and Roanoke and a 30 minute drive from Blacksburg.  Don’t worry about driving the country roads, no alcohol is served at The Home Place so you will be fine for the drive home.

Tina’s tips:  Wear elastic pants!  Bring a few toys or things for the kids to do while waiting for the table.  Don’t be in a rush.  Bring a camera and some friends!  For drinks, The Home Place offers tea, coffee, lemonade, Pepsi and Diet Pepsi.  If you want the kids to have something else, be sure to bring it with you.

The Home Place directions


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