A “What If” Wish List from Virginia is for Kids….

9 Aug

What if……………..

1.  A restaurant would go further than just having a kids menu and crayons to call themselves “kid friendly”?

2.  Public schools would have gardens and/or orchards to teach kids about healthy eating?

3.  There were town/city councils for kids so they could have input on the future of their communities?

4.  Schools or communities had “hand me down” sales twice a year so families could find affordable clothes, toys, etc. with funds raised going back into the community/school?

5.  Instead of taking a bus, kids could “opt out” and walk to school with an assigned volunteer chaperone each day?  In return for choosing to walk, Nike gave them a free pair of shoes at the end of the school year?

6.  Kids were taught the importance of smart financial decisions, saving money and budgeting as part of the school’s curriculum and sponsored by a local bank…EVERY year?

7.  Kids said “good morning” to their teacher each day when they arrived at school and “thank you for teaching me” before they left for the day?

8.  Before graduating from high school, students were required to take a class teaching them the basics of home maintenance?

9.  Home Economics became a required class…for all kids?

10.  Kids in Virginia really knew how fortunate they are to live in this beautiful Commonwealth?

11.  Grocery stores put fresh fruit at the checkout aisle instead of candy?

12.  The Virginia Lottery funded “learn to swim” classes for all Virginia kids?

What about you?  What is on your “What if” wish list for Virginia’s kids?


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