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Welcome Class of 2000!

24 Sep
Class of 2000

Class of 2000

When I was searching for a header picture for this blog, I was drawn over and over again to a painting by Marsha Clements titled:  “Class of 2000”.

The description for the painting is as follows:  “This painting is available as a print approximately 11 x 22. These students were in my first class at Carver Elementary Academy. They were all 2nd graders in 1992 when the school reopened as a magnet school. They represent our future. As they watch for the buses to pick them up, we see a diverse group of children with the future in common. These students were set to graduate from high school in the year 2000. “

After sending Ms. Clements an email requesting permission to use her work of art, I received a wonderful reply:  “I am honored that you would like to use my painting. I painted this painting in 1990. The children were all in my class as 2nd graders and 10 years later, they graduated in the Class of 2000. It has a lot of meaning to me as the artist and teacher, but everyone sees something new in it. I also sell prints if you are interested.”

If you are interested in purchasing one of Marsha Clements’ prints, please email her at:  You can also view her Flickr page by clicking here.

Thank you, Ms. Clements, for allowing me to use your beautiful, meaningful work of art!



22 Sep
Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Welcome to Virginia is for Kids!  This blog was born out of my love for exploring the beautiful state of Virginia with my family.  I hope to share some insight into what has been successful, what has not and also how to have a wonderful time traveling through Virginia!

My name is Tina and I am a full-time working, married mom of a 5 year old boy.  My husband was born and raised in Virginia and I have lived here most of my life.  We enjoy learning about the rich history of our state and finding relatively unknown nooks and crannies along the way.

We travel a lot….locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  After graduating from college, I was a flight attendant and made the most of exploring the various places where I had to layover.  Fortunately, I have a husband and son who share my eagerness to explore and learn.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy this site!

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